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The Plex Show (June 26th, 2009)
June 26, 2009 08:51 PM PDT

1.Leemai-The Plex Show Intro
2.Michael Jackson-Leave Me Alone
3.Michael Jackson-You Rock My World
4.Ruff Ryders-What Y'all Want
5.Immortal Technique-Peruvian Cocaine
6.Kanye West-Get 'Em High
8.Joey Stylez-Kool Runnin
9.Hellnback-Rollin in a Whip
10.Plex-Life's a Bitch
11.Maestro-Let Your backbone Slide
12.9th Uno-Backbone
13.Necro-Who's Your Daddy
14.Pharoahe Monch-Agent Orange
15.InfoRed-5 Star Rating
16.Fatty Down-Summertime

The Plex Show (June 19th, 2009)
June 22, 2009 10:24 PM PDT

1.Leemai-The Plex Show Intro
2.Joey Stylez-Kool Runnin
3.k os-Crucial
4.Hero-Take Me Away
6.IRS-Say Stop
7.Native Guns-Champion
8.Hellnback-Tell Me
9.Big Slim-Pain ft Redcloud
10.Daybi-Crazy Lady
11.Eminem-Careful What You Wish For
12.Clipse-Kinda Like A Big Deal ft Kanye West
13.Classified-CYOA, pt 2
14.Cali Snipes-Money to Burn
15.Famous-Ain't No Use
16.9th Uno-The Whole 9
17.Manik-Til The Mornin
18.Eekwol+Mils-The Gauntlet ft Stic Man
19.Wab Kinew-Last Word ft Tinsel Korey
20.kardinal Offishall-Go Home With You
21.Drake-City is Mine
22.Just B-We Develop ft Moka Only
23.JD Era-Take Off ft Saukrates
24.Cadence Weapon-Real Estate
25.Khiry Tafari-Souljah Girl ft ID
26.IP-I Don't dO wHAT yOU dO
27.Point Blank-Born and Raised in The Ghetto
28.Fatty Down-Super Ugly
29.Genetics-Slow ft Crystal J
30.Aristo-Get Mine
31.NDure-Concrete Jungle
32.Plex-The Way It Should Be ft Wab Kinew
33.Ira Lee-Donna Jones
34.Fatty Jones-My Fault ft Double D
35.Brothers Grim-Fresh Off
36.Inez Jasper-Sto Lo Strong
37.Tru Rez Cru-I'm The Lucky One
38.D Sisive-Riot I Caused ft Classified
39.Anonymous Twist-Dollars in Fists
40.People's Poets-
41.Feenix-From The Get Go
42.Mils-Fun While It Lasted ft Fatty Down and Suga D
44.Lyricists-This Is How It Came To be
45.Kanye West-Paranoid ft kid Cudi
46.T.I-Dead and Gone ft Justin Timberlake
47.Ice T-Colors
48.Lloyd Banks-Im So Fly

The Plex Show (June 12th, 2009)
June 13, 2009 03:05 PM PDT

1.Leemai-The Plex Show Intro
2.Eminem-Same Song and Dance
3.Touch and Nato-Where I Reside
4.Fatty Jones-We Don't Wanna Die
5.Daybi-It Is ft Moka Only
6.NDure-Love, Lust and Lines
7.Touch-Beat are Free
8.9th Uno-Sleep
9.Page-Still Fly ft Drake
10.Prosper-If It Wasn't For This
11.Just B-We Develop
13.Little Brother-Let It Go ft Mos Def
14.Yung LA-Aint I ft Young Dro and TI
15.DOOM-Yessir ft Raekwon
16.Hero-All About
17.Fatty Down-Super Ugly
18.Urban Buffaloes-Good Day To Live ft OS12
19.Wabs Whitebird-Sweet Days of Summer
20.Classified-Where Are You ft Saukrates
21.k os-Uptown Girl
22.Dubie The Apache-Love You Leave You
23.Black Eyed Peas-That Boogie Be
24.Team RezOfficial-2 Step
25.Team RezOfficial-Make Way
26.Diddy-Diddy Boppin'
27.Luke Sharp-Things Change
28.TI-No Matter What
29.Ludacris-I Do It For Hip Hop ft Jay Z and Nas
30.50 Cent-21 Questions
31.Common-Punch Drunk Love
32.Kid Cocky-Streets Keep calling me
33.Guru-The Lifesaver
34.Brothers Grim-Elevate
35.D Sisive-I See ft 9th Uno
36.Lexington and Whatevski-Picture of You
38.Music for Mavericks-MOBx3
39.Supaman-Take Notes
40.Infored-5 Star Rating
42.Inez Jasper-Sto Lo Strong
43.DO-Unfinsihed Business
44.Eekwol and Mils-The Gauntlet ft Stic Man
45.Wab Kinew-Last Word ft Tinsel Korey
46.Feenix-4U ft Mother Peace
47.Goodie Mobb-The Day After
48.Joey Stylez-Kool Runnin'

The Plex Show (June 5th, 2009)
June 05, 2009 10:56 PM PDT

1.Leemai-The Plex Show Intro
2.D-Sisive-Riot I Caused ft. Classified
3.Grand Analog-I Play My Kazoo
4.Politic Live-The Throwback
6.Max Prime-Something's Fading
7.Wab Kinew-Killa Peg
9.Epic-Ah Hemsky
10.Famous-I'm Here pt 2 ft. Bishop Brigante,Luu Breeze,Richie Sosa and Rochester
12.JD Era-Take Off ft. Saukrates
13.Daybi-The We Go ft Myka 9 and Moka Only
14.JMak-Bossin Up
16.Citizen Kane-Soldier Story
17.Page-Still Fly ft Drake
18.Tia Thomas-If I Could I Would ft E Dot
19.Darp Malone-Can We Pretend
20.Zaki Ibrahim-Whatever
21.Angerville-Dear Dad ft D Sisive
22.7th Generation-Nothing Like This
23.Boombox Disciples-Everyday
24.k os-I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman
25.Classified-Oh Canada
26.Kardinal Offishall-Burnt
27.Brothers Grim-Fresh Off
28.Fatty Down-Summertime ft Moka Only
29.Rhythmicru-Hip Hop Heads
30.9th Uno-For Free
31.Wab Kinew-Last Word
32.Inez Jasper-Sto Lo Strong
33.Scorsese-Textual healing
34.Urban Buffaloes-Perfect
35.Zome-Diamond in the Flesh
36.Point Blank-Born and Raised in the Ghetto ft Kardinal
37.IP-I Dont Do What You Do ft Moka Only
38.Native Guns-Champion
39.Feenix-From The Get Go
41.k os-Zambony
42.Da Skelpa Squad-Ring The Alarm
43.2oolman and Scorsese-You Got Problems
44.Manik-So Fly ft Gold
45.Drake-The Presentation
46.Touch-Ignorance Must Be Bliss
47.Eminem-Careful What You Wish For

The Plex Show (May 22nd, 2009)
May 22, 2009 09:05 PM PDT

1.Leemai-The Plex Show Intro
2.Eminem-We Made You
3.Redman and Method Man-Ayo ft. Saukrates
4.Ndure-Pine Ridge
5.Inez Jasper-Sto:Lo Strong
6.Anonymous Twist-Dollars in Fists
7.Native Guns-Champion
8.Hero-Trust ft. Loer Velocity
9.Wordburglar-Cream of Wheat
10.Touch and nato-Where I Reside
11.Wab Kinew-Last Word ft. Tinsel Korey
12.D.O.-Unfinished Business
13.Eekwol and Mils-The Gauntlet
14.2oolman and Scorsese-Textual Healing
15.Khiry Tafari-Heart Music
16.Black Sheep-Flavor of the Month
17.Kasp-Aint EZ For Me ft. Reddnation
18.Manik-Real Pain
19.JD Era-Take Off ft. Saukrates
20.Touch-You Ain't
21.Kid Cocky-Street Keep Calling Me
22.k os-I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman ft. Saukrates/Nelly Furtado
23.Aristo-Get Mine
24.Classified-Loonie ft. DSisive/DL Incognito/Shad
25.Dillin Hoox-You Can Live ft. JMorE
26.Fatty Down-Super Ugly
27.Mils-The Creditor ft. Eekwol
30.NWA-Express Yourself
31.Outkast-Ms Jackson
32.Inez Jasper-Breathe
33.Leemai-I Know How
34.Lakota Jonez-My Muzik
35.R.A. The Rugged Man-Lessons
36.Rellik-My Story
37.Feenix-From The Get Go
38.Famous-Ain't No Use pt 2
39.Blu-What Am I Supposed To Do
40.k os-Sunday Morning(Twilight rmx)
41.Alkaholiks-Make Room
42.Notorious BIG-Cant You See
43.Lauryn Hill-Forgive Them Father
44.Luke Sharp-Things Change With Time
45.Busta Rhymes-Im a Go Get My..
46.Jay Z-Lucifer
47.Info Red-5 Star Rating

The Plex Show (April 10th, 2009)
April 10, 2009 11:01 PM PDT

1.Leemai-The Plex Show Intro
3.Urban Buffaloes-Good Day To Live ft. Os12
4.Touch and Nato-Where I Reside
5.Native Guns-Champion
6.Brothers Grim-City Is Dying
7.Hero-Lonely Sunday
8.Shad-The Old Prince....
9.Citizen Kane-Soldier Story
10.Moka Only-More Soup ft. MF DOOM
12.Fatty Jones-Livin' on the Edge ft. Swollen Members
13.Kuruption Camp-I'm A G ft. Method Man
14.Team RezOfficial-Hater
15.Daybi-Cosign ft. Moka Only
16.Kardinal Offishall-Family Tree
17.Big Slim-Pain ft. RedCloud
18.Eekwol+Mils-The Gauntlet ft. Stic Man of Dead Prez
19.Famous-Ain't No Use
20.Wab Kinew-Last Word ft. Tinsel Korey
21.Fatty Down-Summertime ft. Moka Only
22.Touch-Grown Men Always Prevail
23.Point Blank-Born and Raised in The Ghetto remix ft. Kardi
24.Rellik-Get Stupid ft. Prosper
25.NWNB-New Fools
26.Rick Threat-Do U Love Me
27.NDure-Love, Lust and Lines
28.Victor E-I Be That
29.Brandon Brown-Never Look Back
31.Pharoah Monche-Desire ft. Showtime
32.Slum Village-Players
33.Saukrates-Play Dis ft. Common
34.Def Squad-Full Cooperation
35.Eazy E-Radio
36.Eve-What Y'all Want ft. Ruff Ryders
38.The Roots-The Seed ft. Cody Chestnutt
39.Timbaland and Magoo-Hold on ft. Wyclef
40.Arrested Development-Revolution
41.Common-The Light
42.Kid Cocky-Streets Keep Calling Me
43.JD Era-Take Off ft. Saukrates
44.Spesh K-It's Going Down
45.Angerville-Dear Dad ft. D-Sisive
46.Dillin Hoox-You Can Live ft. JmorE
47.7th generation-Nothing Like This
48.Culture Connect-Destructa
49.RedCloud-Guns and Roses
50.Mils-Fun While It Lasted ft. Fatty Down and Suga D

The Plex Show (March 27th, 2009)
March 27, 2009 09:08 PM PDT

1.Leemai-The Plex Show Intro
2.Dillin Hoox-You Can Live ft. JMore
4.FattSnak-They Will Learn ft. DVICE
5.Know Talent-Strangers ft. Eekwol
6.Lil' Disciples-Meegwetch
7.Da Skelpa Squad-Livin' In Winnipeg ft. Brooklyn
8.Feenix-4U ft Mother Peace
9.Daybi-It Is ft. Moka Only
10.Eekwol+Mils-The Gauntlet ft. Stic Man
11.Kardinal Offishall-Family Tree
12.Urban Buffaloes-Perfect
13.Ludacris-I Do It For Hip Hop
14.Team RezOfficial-Hater
15.Kuruption Camp-I'm A G ft. Method man
16.Famous-Ain't No Use
17.Daybi-Co Sign ft. Moka Only
18.Big Slim-Pain ft. RedCloud
19.Wab Kinew-Last Word ft. Tinsel Korey
20.Lord Have Mercy/DV Alias Khrist-Holy Water
21.Lyracists-Transmittin' Live
22.MC Breed-Seven Years
23.Scarface-Guess Who's Back ft. Jay Z and Beanie Seagal
24.Outkast-So Fresh So Clean
25.Keri Hilton-Turnin Me On ft. Lil Wayne
26.Jamie FoxxBlame It On The Alcohol ft. Busta Rhymes/Lil Wayne
27.Jay Z-Brooklyn Go Hard ft. Santo Gold
28.Al Green-Lay It Down ft. Anthony Hamilton
29.Jasmine Netsena-The Way I Feel
30.Erykah Badu-Love of My Life ft. Common
32.Plex-Better Days
33.Prosper-Collaborate ft. J Who
34.NonStatus-The Ticket
35.Anonymous Twist-Dollars in Fists
36.9th Uno-Rize Up
38.Tupac-Only God Can Judge Me
39.Nas-It Ain't Hard To Tell
40.Young MC-Bust a Move (Diplo remix)
41.E Dot-R U Up 2 It?
42.Kanye West-Can't Tell Me Nothing
43.Goodie Mobb-Cell Therapy
44.Westside Connection-Bow Down
45.The Game-Put You On The Game

The Plex Show (March 20th, 2009)
March 21, 2009 06:06 AM PDT

1.Leemai-The Plex Show Intro
2.Just B-We Develop ft. Moka Only
3.Cadence Weapon-in Search Of A Youth Crew
4.Technotronic-Pump Up The Jam
5.Outkast-Idlewild Blues
6.Brisco-Just Know Dat ft. Lil Wayne/FloRida
7.Xzibit-Multiply ft. Nate Dogg
8.T.I.-Dead and Gone ft. Justin Timberlake
9.Eminem-Crack the Bottle ft. Dre. Dre and 50 Cent
10.Daybi-Cosign ft. Moka Only
11.Big Sav-Around The World
12.JMak-Bossin Up
13.Wab Kinew-Last Word ft. Tinsel Korey
14.Plex-Motivated ft. Dirt Gritie
15.Culture Connect-Natural Intelligence
16.Eekwol and Mils-The Gauntlet ft. Stic Man
17.DJ Revolution-The DJ ft. KRS One
18.Prosper-If It Wasn't For This
19.Rhymefest-Wanted ft. Samantha Ronson
20.Victor E-I Be That
21.Brandon Brown-Falling In Line ft. George Leach
22.DJ Divinyl-I Cut The Sheriff
23.Mims-Move If You Wanna
24.Kid Cudi-Day and Night
25.Fat Joe-One ft. Akon
26.J Mak-Drums of War
27.2oolman and Scosese-What You Want
28.K'naan-Take a Minute
29.Black Eyed Peas-Boom Boom Pow
30.K os-Cat Diesel
31.KRS One-The Teachers Back
32.Big Slim-Pain ft. redCloud
33.Fatty Jones-Livin' On The Edge ft. Swollen Members
34.Urban Buffaloes-Perfect
35.The Brothaz Grimm-Ride Again
36.Native Guns-Next Frontier
37.Flo Rida-Right Round
38.Jennifer Hudson-Spotlight
39.John Legend-Green Light ft. Andre 3000
40.Rhea-Get Me Home ft. Kardinal Offishall
41.Dillin Hoox-You Can Live ft. JMore
42.Ndure-Pine Ridge
43.Hero-Feel Good ft. Loer Velocity
44.AOK-Unintelligent Redesign
45.Geto Boys-The World Is a Ghetto
46.Ice Cube-Jackin' For Beats
47.Rhymefest-Jackin'(It Got Ugly)

The Plex Show (March 13th, 2009)
March 13, 2009 08:08 PM PDT

1.Leemai-The Plex Show Intro
2.Method Man-What's Happening ft. Busta Rhymes
3.Team RezOfficial-Keep On Movin'
4.Public Enemy-Don't Believe The Hype
5.Brassmunk-Say Uh ft. Kardinal Offishall
6.Fatty Jones-Drop That ft. Draztik
7.Brother Ali-Uncle Sam Goddamn
8.Culture Connect-Destructa
9.Daybi-Crazy Lady
10.Maestro-Conductin Thangs
11.Classified-Hard To Be Hip Hop ft. Maestro
12.Cadence Weapon-Real Estate
13.DJ Format-I'm Good ft. Abdominal
14.Urban Buffaloes-Perfect
15.Babyface-There She Goes
16.Keils-Trick Me
17.Usher-You Don`t Have To Call
18.Leemai-You Baby Don`t Know
19.Nightshield-Anything You Want
20.Ndure-Concrete Jungle
21.Native Guns-Champion
22.Eekwol/Mils-Idea Man
23.Big Slim-Pain ft Redcloud
24.Redcloud-Krylon Teardrops
25.LAKOTA jONES-We Do Our Thing ft. Hellnback
26.Lords of the Underground-Chief Rocka
27.Redman-Time 4 Sum Aksion
28.Rellik-Thank U ft. LASE
29.Belly-Ridin ft. Mario Winans
30.Devin the Dude-What A Job ft. Andre 3000 and Snoop
31.Mr.Evil/Sean Paul-Back It Up
32.Da Skelpa Squad-Feel Tha Pain
33.T.I.-No MAtter What
34.Ludacris-What's Your Fantasy
35.Ira Lee-Donna Jones
36.9th Uno-Press
37.Kanye West-Flashing Lights ft. Dwele'
38.Hero-Lonely Sunday
39.Point Blank-Born and Raised in the Ghetto ft. Kardinal Offishall
40.Wab Kinew-Last Word ft. Tinsel Korey
41.Quese IMC-California
42.Manik-So Fly ft. Gold
43.Fatty Down-Super Ugly
44.Brothers Grim-City Is Dying ft. Kryple and Trips
45.Nas-I KNow I Can
46.Famous-Ain't No Use
47.Red 1-Dem No Worry We
48.Feenix-On Tha Rise

The Plex Show (February 27th, 2009)
February 27, 2009 07:53 PM PST

1.Leemai-The Plex Show Intro
2.Native Guns-Champion
3.Fatty Down-Open Road
4.Victor E- I Be That
5.Brothers Grim-City is Dying ft. Kryple/Trips
6.Wio K-Footloose
7.MASE aka New Breed-What Do I Know
9.Bubba Sparxxx-Deliverance
11.The Lyricists-The Juggle
12.Slim-Good Lovin' ft. Ryan Leslie
13.Jay Z-Dirt Off Your Shoulders
14.Immortal Techinque-Peruvian Cocaine
15.Busta Rhymes-They're Out To Get Me ft. Mr. Porter
17.Jamiraquoi-Virtual Insanity
18.Common-Come Close To Me ft. Mary J Blige
19.Big Slim-Pain ft. RedCloud
21.Paroah Monche-Agent Orange
22.Plex-Grateful ft Darp Malone
23.Saukrates-P's & Q's
24.The Dogg Pound-Smooth
25.Scarface-In Between Us ft. Nas
27.Black Eyed Peas-That Boogie Be
28.Joey Stylez-Switch It Up ft Noble
29.Young Black Teenagers-Tap The Bottle
30.TLC-What About Your Friends
31.NonStatus-Make Room
32.Brandon Brown-Falling In Line ft George Leach
33.Fatty Jones-These Days
34.E Dot-Real Rap Ish
35.Blu-Rez Life
36.Feenix-From The Get Go
37.Obie Trice-The Setup
38.Arrested Development-Tennessee
39.Kardinal Offishall-Family Tree
40.De La Soul-It Ain't All Good
41.Wab Kinew-Summer Daze ft Don Amero
42.Team Rezofficial-Lonely
43.Litefoot-The Coming
44.Urban Buffaloes-Perfect
45.Zome-Diamonds in the Flesh
46.Kaboose-Just Rock

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